Curb Appeal

Posted by: MAAR on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How your home looks from the outside can significantly have an impact on its market value. Improve your home’s appearance by following these simple tips that add both beauty and function without breaking the bank.

Edge your driveway by installing bricks, pavers, or stone to edge your driveway and make it look brand-new! Not only does this make a huge visual impact, it really amps up your home’s value too!

Replace an old garage door because garage doors are fairly large and having one that looks dull and outdated will dampen the look of your entire exteriors. Either replace your old garage door with a more contemporary option or paint it in a complementary but bold color to give your home an instant facelift.

Install lights on your sidewalk to make your home more inviting and add a bit of security as well. For a fuss-free option, choose solar lights. Not only do they not need electricity, installing them is as simple as sticking them to the ground.

If you’ve got a lot of trees, chances are your yard has bald spots because trees take up a lot of nutrients from the soil plus can take away sunlight from young plants, preventing them from growing. Applying mulch on the bald spots or perhaps adding a small pond or a few potted plants that thrive in the shade ought to do the trick.

Plant flowers everywhere! Line your sidewalk with flowering perennials, plant them in baskets to hang over your front porch, or inside flower boxes on both sides of your front door. You’ll be surprised at how much dressier your home will look like.

All your hard work trimming bushes will be in vain if your yard is covered in trees and bushes. Give your trees a regular trim and see that bushes do not overgrow too much. You’ll want to make sure that every plant in your yard can be seen and has access to sunlight.

Gone should be the days of the weathered gray box sitting on top of a rickety post. Give your mailbox a much-deserved makeover by building one to look like a post that complements your house. Adding a potted plant around the base will also be a nice touch.

Simply replacing your door’s old handle can make it look like new, much more if you install matching locks and house numbers. If this is too expensive for you, you can also try painting it and try one of the various metal paint options available these days.

Bring out some paint and transform your front door into a more welcoming entryway. The bolder, the better, plus this makes your home stand out more in your neighborhood too!


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